Erbgericht by Andrea Grützner at gallery Robert Morat

“For over a hundred years “Erbgericht” is a county inn in rural Saxony, in a village called Polenz. Andrea Grützner, born 1984 in Pirna, grew up nearby and tells of a big old house “full of nooks and crannies, whose corners and object have the memories of generations attached to them. It’s a collage of material built over generations!”. The images of her series “Erbgericht”, taken in one analog shot and without any post production or digital alternation of the picture, are studies of these corners and objects. Through the use of color flash and the creation of strong shadow lines, these interiors look alienated and transformed. “Shadows are traces and marks that have a direct relation to the object, but through the projection, these objects can appear twice as big or transformed and changed, they take on their own lives” and thus, says Andrea Grützner, they work a lot like memories.” — Galerie Robert Morat /

May 13, 2016 - Jul 31, 2016

Linienstraße 107
10115 Berlin / Germany